Euro-Style Cabinetry

These sleek, minimal hardware, frameless cabinets come in wood finishes or solid colors. Complimentary to the rising popularity of the open shelf concept.

Black Furnishings and Fixtures

Black has been trending up the last couple of years but will continue to grow in light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tubs, furniture, and accent walls. This makes sense with the rise of contrasting styles.


Quartz is the top dog of stone tops today. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or even the laundry room. In the year 2020, quartz is projected to be the most preferred top to laminate, granite, etc. Quartz is nonporous, stain resistant, durable and reasonably affordable.

Double Islands

Kitchen Islands have blown up in recent years in kitchen concepts. Here at Criso Homes, everyone of our plan features one. The kitchen island is so popular in fact, that the new look is to add a second island. One used such as a wet bar or eating area while the other is used as a meal prep area.

Small, Bolder Spaces

Now that everything is open concept, homeowners appreciate the areas of the house that feature cozy individual spaces that they can call their own or use to get away from open areas of the home. Smaller rooms are the perfect spaces to go bold with colors and finishes such as creative light fixtures or accent walls/wallpaper.

Brass is Back

Not the brass finish that you remember from a couple decades ago but brass is back in a matte finish. A growingly popular option for finishes in bathroom and lighting fixtures.