Color is a powerful thing that affects our moods, body and minds. Colors influence our moods, emotions, productivity, etc. Perceptions of colors are shaped in part by past experiences and by our culture. Colors can even raise blood pressure and increase metabolism. Famous brands such as McDonalds, KFC, Netflix and Target use red in their logos because it’s a stimulation color. Heck, Cristo Homes uses a bright green to stand out. Needless to say, colors are important! That’s no different in the homebuilding industry!

Colors are one of the most vital pieces in building a home because it’s what makes a house look the way it does. It’s also important for houses to have cohesive colors throughout! Whether it’s the siding or brick/stone colors, the appliance finish, interior paint colors, plumbing or lighting fixture finishes, or even furniture. Colors are important! Below is a visual representation of colors for National Color Day!