So, you’ve decided to invest in a newly built home. Chances are you walked through a modelhome before coming to your decision. To look their best, many of these model homes have allof the bells and whistles. Most of these aren’t covered in the cost of the home. Be sure to askyour builder which options that you see in the home are standard and which ones areupgrades. If you’re in love with the upgrades, make sure to find out exactly what the additionalcost is. At Cristo Homes, we will always tell you upfront which options come with the home andwhich are upgrades all the way from the trim color to the appliances.

Another thing to make sure you receive is a copy of your warranty. Your warranty should detailwhat is and isn’t covered and for how long. Most builders offer a one-year workmanshipwarranty and ten-year structural warranty with new homes. Make sure you also receive themanufacturers warranties for all of your appliances, in case something happens to them. Thisdoesn’t only mean the kitchen appliances, but the air conditioner, hot water heater and roof.

If moving into a new community with only a few homes, be sure to ask the builder what theplan is for the community. The last thing you want is to buy a home that you think is going tohave a private setting, only to be surrounded by neighbors and years of construction work. Alsomake sure that your builder and other reputable builders, such as Cristo Homes, are the onlyones building homes in the community. If a lower-quality builder comes in and builds homesnext to yours it could bring down the value of your home.

While on the topic of the community, you should be informed of the homeowner’s association(HOA). Each HOA is different and they have different bylaws. Some of these HOAs decide on thecolor of your curtains or blinds, or whether you can have a privacy fence or even a shed in yourbackyard. HOA’s also cost money. Find out when you’re required to pay the HOA dues and howmuch they are.

Not only should you ask your builder questions before you buy, but you should ask othersabout your builder. Looking on the internet, Better Business Bureau and asking past customersis a good way to learn more about your builder before jumping into a huge purchase.