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Shopping for a new home can be a daunting task, but NterNow makes the process a little easier. We've partnered with NterNow to provide on-demand access for select Cristo Quick Move-In Homes, so you can explore our homes on your own schedule without having to make an appointment. All you need is your smartphone and the NterNow app to get started.

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NterNow Quick Move-In Homes

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637 Maxwell Court
Germantown, OH 45327

Valley View Schools

  • Sq Ft 1,947
  • Bdrm 4
  • Bthrm 2.5


139 Hanford Lane
Monroe, OH 45050

Monroe Schools

  • Sq Ft 2,428
  • Bdrm 4
  • Bthrm 2.5


136 Holly Oak Court
Hamilton, OH 45013

Talawanda Schools

  • Sq Ft 1,957
  • Bdrm 4
  • Bthrm 2.5