Finished basements are an awesome way to add more livable space to your home, a selling point to the house, eliminating cramped space, but the coolest thing about them, is the many different possibilities that you could use the space for.

Some factors into how to occupy a finished basement space include family needs, functionality, basement layouts, financial budgets, etc.

Guest Bedroom: Bigger families could use a finished basement to add a bedroom if needed, or add a guest bedroom for overnight guests.

Additional Bathroom: These areas of the house usually include people stepping over each other and sharing/orchestrating in the mornings and nights. An additional bathroom in the basement would be great for everyone to get ready faster and not have a line at the door to get ready for the day!

Home Gym: A basement is a perfect place to include a home gym, whether that’s a couple of sets of dumbells and a squat rack or just a simple treadmill. Busy schedules make it hard to get to the gym, so having an area in your own home would eliminate one excuse!

Movie Room: Movies are an awesome way for families to spend time together and what’s better than adding an area specifically for movie/television viewings that’s not part of the current living area!

Wet Bar: A perfect area to store adult beverages as well as a complimentary area for hosting birthday parties, events, get-togethers, etc. At Cristo Homes, we have a growingly popular wet bar option for finished basements.

Game room: Another opportunity to bring family and friends together. You could include something as big and costly like a pool table, arcade game, or game systems. Or something as simple as board games, dartboard, etc.

Open Room: You could simply keep the basement modern and sleek by keeping the room open. With basements already having limited natural light, keeping an open room to live in would really brighten up the area and make it a great living area.

Play Room: A perfect way to add a space for kids to play, while eliminating toys and messes scattered all over high usage rooms like kitchens, living rooms, etc.

Office: A perfect place to put an office, away from the main areas of the house, eliminating distractions. Making it easier to work more efficient!

Finished basements have many, many different options that can be beneficial to families. If you have an unfinished basement, it’s time to create livable space!