This month's employee spotlight features our fearless leader, Adam Cristo.

Adam has been with Cristo Homes since 1997 and has worked in almost every aspect of the construction process. Cristo Homes started in 1963 and Adam has been involved since he was a child.

One of Adam’s favorite aspects of working at Cristo Homes is that he is able to work with his older brother, Joe. One of his best memories at the Company was being able to do an executive summit with Joe, where they were able to learn more about how to grow their business together.

His main focus at Cristo Homes is land development and management. He truly enjoys finding new an innovative ways to help the construction process and making employees more efficient at their job. Adam inspires his employees by giving them the opportunity to grow within the company.

Adam and his wife have three awesome children. The entire family is actively involved in hockey and/or figure skating. When they are not busy on the ice they love to travel all over the world!