Christmas time is finally here! An extra special Christmas after the tough 2020 year that we have faced. We could use a special holiday season. What better way to add to the holiday season with exterior Christmas lights to celebrate the holiday and display for others.

Hanging Santa Suit

This look is simple and effective. Loosely hang a strand of Christmas lights like a clothes line. Finally, clip articles of Santa's signature suit to the strand of lights.

Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights

This look is simple and creative. It get's you out of having to string lights around the entire house. This idea will require a smug theft looking Grinch. Simply start stringing a strand of lights across the house, then attach to the Grinch accessory piece and end the strand of lights in a pile by the Grinch.

Pallet Christmas Trees

The Pallet Christmas Trees is a pretty easy and cheap DIY project and would last you many years of decoration for Christmas. This project requires skids, green/red/white paint, and a tool to cut the skids into the shape of the tree. You can wrap the tree with Christmas lights using different techniques: zig-zag, border only, wrapped a lot of times for more lights. You can decorate the tree in many, many different ways.

Christmas Star

Another easy project that only requires a strand of lights, 5 yardsticks, some glue, and white spray paint. The turnout is a great centerpiece in a gable or between two windows or even on a porch area.

North Pole Sign

Wrap your post light with red and white rope lights, and DIY a “North Pole” sign to hang towards the top.

These are just five of many, many ideas to celebrate the holiday spirit!